Malt of The Earth select the finest and most interesting Scotch whisky expressions for your enjoyment.

As an independent bottler, our small batch releases are all carefully selected, evaluated and bottled on a cask-by-cask basis.

Our foremost endeavour lies in championing and demonstrating the immensely rich heritage of Scotland’s distilleries through the inherent characteristics of each of our independent releases.

Thankfully, for every season and setting there is a whisky to be enjoyed and we feel confident that you will find a fitting occasion to savour the versatility of our individual offerings.

Each of our single cask bottlings is a unique opportunity for you to sample the delights of a truly one time offering. Always non-chill filtered and natural in colour, you can be assured that each release is a true portrayal of Scotch whisky at its best.


Founded by Tom Mills - whisky devotee and champion of this precious commodity - the company represents his unwavering commitment to the study, promotion and future of Scotch whisky. His ongoing travels across Scotland and engagement with this historic industry continues to inspire Malt of The Earth's small but carefully considered range of products.

Tom Mills, Director - Malt of The Earth

Tom Mills, Director - Malt of The Earth